In 2011 The Skate Connection was created by a small group of skateboarders dedicated to promoting inclusion for people with disabilities through skateboarding. We provide the opportunity for people with and without disabilities to encounter each other at skate clinics, connecting and building friendships. 

In the past 6 years, our ramps have played a key factor in our mission to spread our love of skateboarding. They have challenged people to surpass their limitations, fears, and explore their creativity. Though they've endured many years of happiness, they have also taken a beating. It's time for us to say farewell to these ramps and bring in a new set of ramps to help us fulfill our mission. These funds will help aid our efforts to obtain a new ramp set up at our clinics. They will be safer, more inclusive, and bring new challenges to our skaters. 

With this money, we will be able to purchase:
-2x4 quarter pipe
-Round rail
-A-frame ramp
-Tranny ledge 
-Trailer for ramp transportation

Our goal is to raise this money by December 1st, just in time for our skate clinic celebrating the 6 Year Anniversary of The Skate Connection. We would appreciate any donation, big or small, in order to provide continued happiness at our future events.

Thank you, from everyone in The Skate Connection Family.

Skate. Include. Create.

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